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Central Bedfordshire Youth Parliament

Additional Projects

In addition to the three priority campaigns, Youth Parliament also undertake other campaigns/projects as deemed necessary by the members. The additional projects are usually chosen by members highlighting new or emerging issues from their schools/constituency and bringing it to the attention of other members. If the issue is reflected across Central Bedfordshire or the members feel it is something they should address collectively, then the members can vote for this to become an additional project.


We will list any details of additional projects selected by the Youth Parliament below and keep these updated throughout the year.

Additional projects: Welcome

Black Lives Matter

Following the events of George Floyd's death at the hands of the police in America and the subsequent social movement taking an active stand against racism. Central Bedfordshire Youth Parliament have chosen to devote some additional time to meet and discuss how they can help to actively challenge racism within their communities so that no-one is disadvantaged or actively discriminated against on the basis of their race or the colour of their skin.


Watch this space for updates on how they progress with this campaign. 

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