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Houghton Regis

We are a group of young people trying their best to change our local area for the better of the youth and the community.

Houghton Regis: Welcome

What we stand for

A list of the current work we are doing

Teen Volunteers

More Bins, Less Littering

We would like to increase the number of bins in Houghton Regis to help stop the littering on our streets. People often throw their rubbish on the floor which is bad for the environment and makes the community look bad. We want to encourage people to respect the community by not throwing the rubbish in the bin not on the floor.

Grunge Band

Stereotypes to be forgotten about

Young people in Houghton Regis have got a bad reputation for crime, alcohol, and drugs and we find that people judge us by the way we dress and/or look. But we don’t think this represents all of the young people in Houghton Regis and is unfairly labelled on most young people. We are therefore trying to work with other community groups and at community events to help give a different picture of young people in Houghton Regis.


Better relationship between the police and young people

Many young people, including ourselves, in Houghton Regis have had some bad experiences with the police. Some of us have been unfairly victimized; being stopped and searched without good reason, and some have been let down by the police when reporting crimes committed against us. Equally, the young people in Houghton Regis haven’t always treated the police well and therefore there is some tension between the two. We would like to help to repair this relationship in Houghton Regis and have already spoken to a representative of the police about some of the problems, and we are hoping to organize a football match between the police and young people in the near future.

CCTV Camera

Safer environment for young children & increased CCTV

Many of us have felt unsafe at some point in our local parks or in other public spaces. This is even more of an issue for young children. We would therefore like to campaign to make sure that our parks and public spaces are made safer for everyone to access through increasing the CCTV in and around public areas and by asking the police to regularly visit areas that are viewed as particularly unsafe.

Patio Lights

Lighting in dark alleyways

This is another safety issue within our local area. There are lots of dark spaces and alleyways in Houghton Regis that can feel unsafe or intimidating to walk through at night. This is something that is felt by people of all ages, and we therefore think that there should be more lighting installed in these spaces to help people feel safer using these walkways at night time.

Houghton Regis: Service

Our Achievements


Football match


Bake Sale

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Upcoming Events

Houghton Regis: News

Meet the members...


Casey Holland

Age: 14
Likes: Darts
Dislike: Big heads
What I’d like to change... I would like the police to be nicer to young people


Lucy Killick

Age: 14
Likes: School, home, youth, everything
Dislike: Bullying
What I’d like to change... Stop bullying in schools


Ella Miles

Age: 13
Likes: Football
Dislike: The dark & Harry Potter
What I’d like to change... More lighting in dark places


George Wharwood

Age: 14
Likes: Harry Potter
Dislike: Sport
What I’d like to change... More clubs & events for young people


Tiger Jay

Age: 13
Likes: SMXing
Dislike: nothing
What I’d like to change... Make Houghton a safe place


Kirsten Holmes

Age: 13
Likes: Show Dogs
Dislike: Pokemon
What I’d like to change... Make Houghton a place where anyone can talk about any issues they have


Jasmin Barnes (Left)

Age: 14
Likes: Hanging out with friends
Dislike: Big headed people
What I’d like to change... I want to make my community a better place


Rebecca Johnson (Right)

Age: 13
Likes: Playing with friends
Dislike: Fights
What I’d like to change... I would like people to respect each other


Cieran Merril

Age: 13
Likes: Scootering
Dislike: Gymnastics
What I’d like to change... I would like to get CCTV cameras in the parks


Leyton Palmer

Age: 14
Likes: Talking to people & making them smile

Dislike: When people worry me

What I’d like to change... Solve the relationship between the police & Young People


Lauren Page-Streeton

Age: 16
Likes: Martial Arts
Dislike: Violence What I’d like to change... Prevent bullying


Shannon Anthony

Age: 16
Likes: Harry Potter
Dislike: Most healthy food
What I’d like to change... I would like better relationships between police and Young People


Bethany Workman

Age: 16

Likes: The colour black

Dislike: Sunlight

What I’d like to change...
Make sure people understand the problems being a young person in society


Olivia Lambert

Age: 16
Likes: Pizza
Dislike: Dry chicken
What I’d like to change... Make Houghton a safer place for young people


Alysa Page-Streeton

Age: 14

Likes: Cats

Dislike: Football

What I’d like to change...
I’d like more CCTV & the public being able to feel safer

Houghton Regis: TeamMember
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