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Young People

Young People: Welcome

We want to hear from you!

If you are a young person living or going to school in Central Bedfordshire and you have an opinion on how things can be made better for young people we want to hear from you! All of our groups rely on young people giving us feedback on what issues they are facing, what needs improvement, and how we can change things. So whether it is giving information to Youth Parliament, sending feedback to the Children’s and Young People’s Board, or starting your own Youth Central there are many ways for you to get involved and have your voice heard.

Youth Parliament

Youth Parliament run elections every 2 years through the schools in Central Bedfordshire. Our next election will be in January 2020 so if you’d like to stand for election keep an eye out for information in October 2019. However, even if you can’t stand for election just now you can still have your voice heard.

If you click on the “Youth Parliament – Meet the Members” section on the website you can find out who your school representative is and talk to them directly about any problems/issues you think need changing. Our members are elected to represent you so will be more than happy to hear from you directly!

Also, you can get involved with our current work by clicking on the link below to fill-in our latest surveys which help inform our campaigns and bring about real change for young people.

Youth Central

We currently have 2 current Youth Central groups that you can get involved with in Shefford and Houghton Regis. Both of them are open for anyone aged 11-17 to turn-up to and get involved with. If you want more information about when and where they are held you can find out the details on the “Youth Central” section of the website.

However, if there is not a Youth Central group currently running near you and you’d like to start one please get in contact! All you need is yourself and a few mates that are passionate about making a positive difference in your community and we will help support you with the rest. This is a positive way that you can make a difference to your community and have your say in your town.

If you’d like to set-up your own Youth Central click on the link below for a full set of FAQ’s and contact details for getting one started.

Children's & Young People's Board

The Children’s & Young People’s Board is a closed group made up of a cross-section of young people from across Central Bedfordshire. It has a number of different groups involved to create a diverse board which represents the diversity of Central Bedfordshire Young People. This group exists to represent your views directly to the council, and we therefore want to hear from you!

If you are a young person living or going to school in Central Bedfordshire and are concerned about any safety issues in your area i.e. bullying, sexual harassment, drugs, gangs, etc. please let us know. Or if you are a young person and you are worried with the lack of services available i.e. youth clubs, mental health professionals, school nurses, etc. we want to hear from you. Or even if you are a young person and you think everything is great we still want to hear from you!

We have the opportunity to report directly to the head of Children’s Services at Central Bedfordshire Council so if you have any concerns, worries, or suggestions please email us on the link below and we can pass this on and try to make a difference for you.

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