Make Your Mark Results

The results are in for the 2019 Make Your Mark vote, and we are pleased to announce that 2019 had a big turnout of young people in Central Bedfordshire, with 10,647 young people making their mark. So thanks to everyone who helped promote the Make Your Mark vote, for the schools that took part, and of course to the young people who took the time to vote!


The top 3 issues, as voted by young people, in Central Bedfordshire are as follows:

  1. Protect the Environment (2746 votes)

  2. End Knife Crime (2290 votes)

  3. Mental Health (1245 votes)


On the 8th November the UK Youth Parliament met in the House of Commons to debate which of the top 5 issues will become the UK Youth Parliament's campaign for 2020 and the 2 campaigns that were chosen are:

  1. Protect the Environment

  2. End Knife Crime

To find out more and watch the debate, please click the link below.

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Youth Parliament teamed up with Young Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire to campaign around making sanitary products free and available in schools. In March 2019 the government announced plans to ensure that sanitary products will be made free and available in all UK schools. This is a massive victory that we were proud to be a part of! 

For schools wanting to sign-up to receive government funded sanitary products you can find out more information and how to sign-up here:



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