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Central Bedfordshire Youth Forum

Children's & Young People's Board: Welcome

Who are we?

We are a group of young people from across Central Bedfordshire who act as a link between young people and Central Bedfordshire Council. We review and consider matters that affect young people and meet with officers at the Council to tell them about the issues that matter to young people and how services can be improved.

We want to make sure that young people in Central Bedfordshire are listened to and consulted on any issues that affect them;

We want to make sure that young people are involved in decision making when the decisions to be taken will have an impact on young people in Central Bedfordshire;

We make proposals on how Central Bedfordshire can be a safer place for young people, including freedom from bullying as an example.

We tackle common problems which are faced by young people in and out of school

Children's & Young People's Board: Service

Meet the Team

Find out who the members of the Central Bedfordshire Youth Forum are and get in touch with them to raise any issues you are facing in your community.

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Current Projects

Couple's Portrait

Sexual Harrassment

Street Teens

Gangs, Drugs, and Safety

Children's & Young People's Board: Service
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