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Central Bedfordshire Youth Parliament

Our Key Campaigns

Each year we take part in the Make Your Mark Consultation which asks young people from across the UK what issues Youth Parliament should campaign on. Based on the results from across Central Bedfordshire we choose the "Key Campaigns" that the Youth Parliament should campaign on each year.
This year they are as follows...

Priority Campaigns: Welcome


Homelessness has been an issue that the Youth Parliament have campaigned on since 2020. Initially this was an additional campaign taken on by members of Youth Parliament, but in 2022 young people across Central Bedfordshire voted in this issue as part of the Make Your Mark ballot. Since Central Bedfordshire Youth Parliament started campaigning on this issue they have held 2 Sleep Outs, raising a combined total of £1320, collected crisp packets and made them into insulated sleeping bags which were then donated to the Salvation Army, and raised the issue of homelessness and hidden homelessness with local councillors and MPs.

Central Bedfordshire's current Youth Parliament have continued to build on these successes and are committed to achieving the following aims:

  1. Work with charities to help create more hostels and shelters for homeless people

  2. Raise over £2000 for homeless charities

  3. Raise awareness with the public about the causes of homelessness and try to break the stigma

The key aim of this campaign:

"To lower the rate of homelessness in Central Bedfordshire by the end of our term"

Please continue to support the campaign through social media, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Priority Campaigns: News

Protect the environment

Protect the environment was one of the top voted issues in Central Bedfordshire and across the UK by young people in the annual Make Your Mark ballot 2019. As such Central Bedfordshire Youth Parliament have been committed to regular meetings of members to try and tackle this issue. 

The current members of the protect the environment campaign group will continue to build on the work of the previous group, and have collectively agreed on these 3 priorities for their campaign:

  1. Litter picking

  2. Recycling

  3. Protecting wildlife and their habitats

Throughout the next 2 years the members have committed to holding litter picks in local communities, raising awareness of environmental issues such as single use plastic and deforestation, maximising the opportunities for recycling in Central Bedfordshire including asking businesses to sign-up to Terracycle, and educating in schools and local communities both the importance of looking after the environment and ways that everyone can help.

Priority Campaigns: News

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Priority Campaigns: News

Domestic Abuse

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