Central Bedfordshire Youth Parliament

Our Key Campaigns

Each year we take part in the Make Your Mark Consultation which asks young people from across the UK what issues Youth Parliament should campaign on. Based on the results from across Central Bedfordshire we choose the "Key Campaigns" that the Youth Parliament should campaign on each year.
This year they are as follows...


Protect LGBTQ+ Young People

Protect LGBTQ+ Young People was the top issue voted by Central Bedfordshire young people in the 2018 Make Your Mark ballot. So in the last Youth Parliament the young people launched the campaign: ALL DIFFERENT, ALL EQUAL. The idea was to use this campaign to break the stigma around LGBTQ+, to support the creation of LGBTQ+ support groups within Central Bedfordshire, and to highlight some of the discrimination still experienced by members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Central Bedfordshire Youth Parliament decided to continue and build the work of this campaign, believing that there is still work to be done on this issue. As such, they have committed some members to meet regularly to pursue this campaign.

The member's of the Protect LGBTQ+ Campaign Group have agreed on the following aims for their campaign:

  1. To educate students and staff about LGBTQ+ issues in schools in Central Bedfordshire

  2. To support schools in Central Bedfordshire to be LGBTQ+ friendly

  3. Raise awareness, highlight, and challenge homophobia and transphobia

The key message of this campaign is:

"We believe everybody should be able to choose their sexuality without the fear of homophobia"

Please continue to support the campaign through social media, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and use the hashtag #AllDifferentAllEqual. And together we can make Central Bedfordshire a more LGBTQ+ friendly place to live and work.


Protect the environment

Protect the environment was one of the top voted issues in Central Bedfordshire and across the UK by young people in the annual Make Your Mark ballot. As such Central Bedfordshire Youth Parliament have committed to regular meetings of members to try and tackle this issue. 

The members of the protect the environment campaign group have collectively agreed on these 3 priorities for their campaign:

  1. Litter picking

  2. Recycling

  3. Protecting wildlife and their habitats

Throughout the next 2 years the members have committed to holding litter picks in local communities, raising awareness of environmental issues such as single use plastic and deforestation, maximising the opportunities for recycling in Central Bedfordshire including asking businesses to sign-up to Terracycle, and educating in schools and local communities both the importance of looking after the environment and ways that everyone can help.


Tackling Knife Crime was the top issue voted by Central Bedfordshire young people in the 2018 & 2019 Make Your Mark ballot. As such, the youth parliament have committed to members meeting regularly to discuss and pursue this campaign. The Youth Parliament have also since teamed up with several organisations to host community knife crime events, fundraisers, and to spread an anti-knife crime message. 

The member's of the Tacking Knife Crime Campaign Group have agreed on the following aims for their campaign:

  1. Increase public awareness of the issue

  2. Raise awareness of the prevalence of the issue with local power holders

The key message of this campaign is simply that:

"Anyone can be a victim of knife crime and it's Never to late to stop carrying a knife"


The Tackling Knife Crime are calling for a response to this problem by asking the following:

  • Stop judging perpetrators

  • Invest in safe spaces for youth

  • Increase funds for Youth Services, Knife Crime Charities, and education in police forces

Youth Parliament have also adopted the purple ribbon campaign started by the Jodie Chesney Foundation. Jodie Chesney was a young person who was tragically killed in a knife crime incident in 2018. Purple was Jodie's favourite colour and so the purple ribbon was used by the family and friends to both remember Jodie and to promote an anti-knife crime message. Youth Parliament have made lots of their own purple ribbons which they give out at all their events to help raise awareness, if you are interested in using the purple ribbon please get in touch and we can send you some ribbons to give out. Also for more information about the Jodie Chesney foundation please visit their website: https://jodiechesneyfoundation.org/.

Central Bedfordshire Youth Parliament have also teamed up with Bedfordshire Youth Parliament and are planning a "Picnic for Peace" at the River Festival in 2021 followed by a series of marches against knife crime in various locations in Central Bedfordshire. Stay tuned for more info...


Tackling Knife Crime