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Youth Parliament in the Great Outdoors

Our trip to Grangewaters was incredible, I personally enjoyed trying new things and making new friends, from everyone eating Domino's together to playing fun games around the campfire, I never expected to have done abseiling, and thoroughly enjoyed such a thrilling opportunity to try something new!

The cabins were cozy, the food was delicious, and by the end of day one, I'd attempted team-building activities such as making ridges out of wooden planks, and had made decisive decisions in difficult situations such as obtaining a bucket with two pieces of rope and a lot of good ideas all around.

Paddle boarding was something I had never tried before, nor had it ever crossed my mind how amazing it actually was, and many of us even broke past our fears of water, heights etc, and to think so much was brought out of us throughout these amazing activities, which were kindly presented to us by the welcoming Grangewaters' staff.

Returning back home had everybody in a good mood, especially after such an eventful weekend!

Team Pic at Grangewaters

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